Who's an Urbinite?

Anyone who lives in a city or loves city life. Traditionally, the word is spelled with an “a” but since Urbinite is all about you, we replaced the “a” with “i” to emphasize that we want you to selfishly explore your interests.

Image by Akshar Dave

right now

Urbinite is a growing community for

people who are interested in fashion to meet each other virtually and hear from those who are immersed in it. 

We host virtual events with designers, fashionistas, and industry experts on how to break into the industry, what’s new in fashion, and so much more. Eventually, we will be able to meet in person but for now, subscribe to our newsletter and attend our virtual events. 

The Future

Urbinite will be an app where you explore your interests through niche events, meet new people, and stay connected with each other. This isn’t an app where you make friends through swiping but through shared experiences. 

Love the concept but not interested in fashion? Don't worry. As we grow, we'll be adding more interests and communities. Just sign up for the waitlist. 

who we are